Welcome to our LTEC/Spring Collection! New orders will be shipped in 6-8 weeks.

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Holiday Scents coming around the corner and Ramblings.....

Coming soon!!!! There is a list below of the line up of scents to come soon to light up the holidays!    Right now to tide you over while we work on the holiday items and the internationals,  we are offering a small smattering of the return of the " Where's my Pie" scent version 2013-  and the very little that is left for the Halloween items from domestic orders this year. TAT for " Where's my Pie"  , and left over pre-made Halloween items about ten business days or less. Also: Holiday mumblings as follows...  Some church like more sacred ingredient incenses , detanglers will be in the house as well as some condish already and creams and soaps...

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Sale deets October 12th 2013!

Ok-sale is on for 9:00 am PST!  TAT is set for approximately ten-twelve business days, in time for Halloween.  Orange and more brown paper and black shred have been added to the fulfillment companies supplies. And they are adding in more padding as well.  We will try to combine up to TWO orders, NO more, sorry about that. BUT!! -you must use the same name and or email via PayPal and no guarantee if we miss it. Many times people use many different names and emails and I have always done my best to remember who they all belong to, but that is no longer possible. If we combine you orders we will refund the extra shipping charged. And a...

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Fullfillment Company News~

Hello, all Halloween orders from this site up to date have been shipped and should arrive by Saturday -October 5th , unless you are in a really rural area then- Monday I would think. I hope the speediness of the company makes up for any missing aesthetic. We did try to pre-package the items extra cute in efforts to even it out a bit. We did have a few issues we had to work out , but once they were, the fulfillment company packed and shipped 90% of the orders with in five hours! Made my head spin~! I am anxious to hear how the orders arrive. We will be listing new items very soon. And any feedback would be...

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The day is finally here! Welcome to the new on-line store! Integrated with our new fulfillment company to serve you better! Tonight is the first run- we are excited and nervous at the same time! Thank you all for your support through out all of these years together,  and welcome to any new comers! And remember if something sells out , we will have more runs :) I wish you all good luck ! Blessings~ Moona

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