Soap Bars


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Soap Bars are handmade loaves and cut to a generous bar each weighing  between - 6.5 - 9 oz each bar depending on cut and style of soap. 

9.95 each

Choose from the following classic Moonaween Soaps! : 

Candied Apple: Spicy hard candy outer shell encases a moist fresh crisp green apple.

Caramel Apple: This scent is a traditional and luscious combo of rich gooey buttery caramel, and slightly spiced baked warm apples. A soap " caramel" encases the apple inner core. Pictured with the toad stamp.

Cauldron Cakes: Deliciously sinful Cauldron Cakes oozing with melted Butter, Cinnamon, and Maple and Vanilla glaze, with a crushed nutting topping, and served with piping hot cappuccino and a tiny, tiny touch of Witching mischief!

Nightcrawlers Wake: Reach up through dark and dank rich humus soil, wet earth, fresh green grass & the unmistakable hint of freshly decaying carnation wreaths.  

S'mores & Hot Cocoa: Classic marshmallow, buttery graham crackers and rich chocolate paired with steaming hot cocoa, mmmmmm

New Soaps and scents:

Poison Candy! - Urban legends and Sweet candy mix with poisonous berries! Beware of strangers bearing gifts!!!

Smoke and Ouija! - A bewitching scent of anise, woods, smoke, spice and spirits!!!!


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