Soap Bars - Summer


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Soap Bars- 6.5 - 9 oz each bar depending on the mold and cut

8.95 each

Coastal Rose – Feel the breeze of a Pacific coast summer drive with this complex, ozonic and earthy scent with a touch of rose.

Lemon Sugar – Reformulated and delicious tart, fresh Lemon dipped in warm vanilla sugar!

Chocolate Cola – Rich, dark chocolate syrup blends beautifully with fragrant and fresh effervescent cola! One of Moo's favorite scents! Its chocolaty, but the soda cuts the sweetness just enough to make it refreshing for summer!

Creamy Rootbeer Float – Fresh and clean, but sweet, creamy rootbeer with a touch of spice all at the same time!

Grape Pop! aka Grape Gush – Super juiced grape, soda pop effervescent goodness!! 

Orange Cream Soda – Sweet Orange essential oil, Vanilla and Cream fragrance bubbled up with effervescent fun!

Sea Witch – Relaxing and invigorating at the same time, with a fresh spray of oceanic scent made with essential oils of Cypress and Spruce.

Strawberry Milkshake – Frothy, juicy Strawberries and cream!

Twisted Ginger – Oh, those Redheads. Watch out she may bite!! This one is another maniacal cotton candy scent with toasted coconut spun sugar delight, garnished with fresh & candied ginger!!

Lavender Mint & Chocolate Soda: Fresh, bright and decadent all at once, in this eye opening blend of lively and refreshing Lavender and Mint essential oils, blending with bubbling soda and rich chocolate fragrance!



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