Cocoa Creme- Winter 4 oz


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This is our classic cocoa butter based body butter cream, is delicious in its natural unscented state of pure rich cocoa butter that we whip and scent up for you in our signature scents! It has a smooth, light,  creamy texture.   This little bundle of joy arrives in a four ounce tub.

Scents are chosen to pair with the beautiful natural  cocoa aroma of this cream.  Or choose unscented for it's pure and natural state!

Please choose from the following:

Blood Orange & Chocolate: Just like the traditional Yuletide candy treat! Made with only real Orange essential oil, as are ALL of our citrus oils are ALWAYS all natural! And rich, dark Chocolate fragrance and Cocoa Absolute! So good! 

Chocolate Espresso Torte: A delicious bed of deep, dark, chocolate mousse, blended with a lovely, steamy rich espresso.

Christmas Cocoa: What warms your heart and hearth more than a steaming cup of Christmas Cocoa!!  Hot cocoa with an espresso shot, topped with gobs of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, chili and nutmeg, with a hint of sweet smoldering yule fire in the distance.

Nonna’s Christmas CookiesA tribute to KC’s (Mooman) Sicilian Great-Grandmother! This scent was made just like KC’s Nonna would make her special cookies ever year! A little of this, and a little of that!

S’mores & Hot Cocoa: Classic marshmallow, buttery graham crackers and rich chocolate paired with steaming hot cocoa, mmmm

SnugglerThe drink of choice while wintering in North Beach, San Francisco! Rich dark hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps.



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