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20th Anniversary Scent List- SCI-FI SECTION

Every scent will NOT be available in EVERY product type. Many are however going to available in Vial sized sample sets:

From the Firefly Collection aka Brown Coat collection- also available in perfume sample sets
Mal, I aim to misbehave!~ A powerful and rich Sandalwood and Musk, infused with a hint of leather and gunmetal.
Kaylee ~ A pure and sweet strawberries and cream blend.
Inara the Companion~ Powdery fresh sensual light musk, blended with sparkling clean citrus, vanilla and amber spice added to a touch of fresh white lilies, Chinese roses with hints of sandalwood and moss.
Zoe~  Strong and clean, fresh sea air with a subtle floral background.
From the Pern Collection- also available in perfume sample sets

Pern is a fictional planet created by the late Anne McCaffrey for the Dragonriders of Pern series of books.

Pern had a wide variety of plant life, but when the colonists came, they also brought their own food. This collection is inspired only from the native species. I chose five flora species to render into scents and one bonus scent  for Anne McCaffery's son Todd McCaffery's novel " Dragonsblood" called, " Lorana".

 Klah : Klah trees are an important part of the Pernese lifestyle. The bark of the Klah tree can be ground to make a drink, described as like coffee, with a faint flavor of cinnamon and nutmeg with an aftertaste of chocolate. Sweet Milk, Hazelnut Coffee, Chocolate , Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

"This spicy drink is generally served hot, possibly with milk and/or sweetening, sometimes with a splash of a warming liquor. It is brewed from the bark of a native tree. The flavor is something like cinnamon chocolate, with a touch of hazelnut and coffee. It can be drunk cold, but the preferred taste is warm. Klah contains a mild stimulant like caffeine and is used as the morning drink. Everyone but infants drinks klah. Children frequently mix theirs with sweetening and milk until they get used to the pungent infusion."

The Redfruit Tree is a tree that bears a delicious red fruit which is good for quenching thirst. It likes a tropical climate so can be found in abundance in the Southern continent. In the north, it is limited to the few tropical regions such as Nerat.  Red Papaya, Passion fruit , Pomegranate and Acia Berries.

Sticklebush is a fruit-bearing plant that has sharp, hairlike thorns. Which are hard to see in the spring while the sap is rising, this sap can harm humans. Berries are harvested in the Autumn and made into jam. Poisonous Orchids, various fruits , Mediterranean Fig, Musk and Vetiver.

Withies are an aquatic reed found in the rivers of the Northern Continent. Sea Moss, Ozone and Marsh like notes. NOTE* : This one also has some oils in common with the one we sampled out, unfortunately that scent, the floral components are no longer available, but the woody resiny ones are, so I blended them into this scent instead.
Lorana- Dragons Blood, resins, woods including Oud wood,  and smoldering fire.

BLUE MILK- Blue milk, sometimes known as Bantha milk and Tatooine milk, was a blue-colored liquid produced by a  female Bantha’s mammary glands. It could be found on most planets across the galaxy. It's very rich and refreshing with an opaque pale blue coloring suggesting that it was also sweet.

Our version (and the one sampled last year) is a fruity type of milk drink~  slightly spiced rice milk mixed with various juicy dark berries.