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Bali Cloud - EOs of Sweet Orange Peel, Ylang Ylang and FOs of Sandalwood and Creamy Vanilla. A mix of my Orange Cloud and Bali scent, because Moona gets so confused which is which, she decided to mix them together instead. This scent is like fresh peeled oranges with a sweet woody background. The Ylang Ylang is hardly detectable in this scent and only enhances the sweetness of the fresh orange aroma.
Bees Knees - Honey, honeysuckle and hyacinth.
NEW~ Brazilian Mango Lime Smoothie!- A juicy cocktail of natural fruit oils with a splash of rum and coconut ! Yum!
Candied Lime & Cardamon - a sweet and delectable lime eo , blends with a titch of Cardamon eo.which gives it a fresh, spicy, sweet woody undertone.
Coconut Madness - Coconut so tropical it gives you a fever! Ok I am stretching it a bit.
Coffee Butter (Scrub) - Made with coffee grinds and now with real Coffee Essential oil! The same luxurious scrub that has clients squealing with delight and coming back for more but with the grinds! Made from exotic Ivory Coast Coffee Butter, cocoa butter, and blended to perfection with a touch of Belgium chocolate oil, rich fats, oils, sugars, real honey and ground coffee to detoxify and energize your skin in decadence.
Newish :)~ Cottage Garden Gate~ Cedarwood, Rose, Clove and Patchouli. A recipe I used to make from an ancient source. I originally only made this scent to make into hand sewn pillows years ago.
Earth/Uplifting - Sweet Orange and a secret herb. Citrus and herbal scent, fresh and uplifting. Represents the element Earth
Reformulated~ Enchanted 2015 - If you like Spellbound woods you will like this! It’s the same fragrance but I beefed it up with four more Ambers, two different Vanillas, including Vanilla Absolute and some additional otherworldly notes. Making it richer and longer lasting with much more depth.
Freyja - Goddess of Magic, Beauty and Love. A sweet and gentle blend of Sweet Orange peel & French Lavender oils.
Gypsy Tea~ Lemon, Orange , Allspice , Artemisia Leaves, and Amber infused into Green Tea.
Honey Cakes & Wildflowers ~ Earthy, buttery corn cakes drizzled with golden honey, a touch of golden frankincense in a meadow full of blooming wild flowers.
Indigo Wine ~ A fresh blend of various hues of blue Hydrangea's and Hyacinths.
Lavender, Mint & Chocolate ~ Fresh, bright and decadent all at once, in this eye opening scent!
L'héroïne ~ Agarwood, Myrhh , Frankincense, Vanilla Ab, Amber Blend, Sweet Orange.
Moonlit Garden - Jasmine, Gardenia & Ylang Ylang. A blend of fragrant white flowers that is exotic, sweet and heady.
Sea Witch~ The relaxing and invigorating at the same time, with a fresh spray of oceanic scent is made with essential oils of Cypress and Spruce. The salts are a blend of exotic sea salts and DEAD SEA salts, Noirmoutier salts, which both are unbelievably rich with minerals and essential oils of Cypress and Spruce.
Tahitian Gardenia ~ Sweet and heady Gardenia blended with tropical coconuts and a twist of fresh Ginger.
Warm Hearth~ Kind of Durga like- it's a nice sweet Vanilla, with eo's of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Patchouli ( in a small bit ) and I love the combo!
Wild Raspberry Lemon Tisane- Various Raspberry Fo's mixed with Lemon Eo
Woodland Moss - Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Lavender etc. and in the soap "Man Soap" I add actual Oakwood Moss, a French perfumer's secret for centuries.
Reformulation~ Angelfood Cake and Coconut~ Sponge cake light with aromatic almond extract and toasted coconut!
Reformulation~ Berry Marmalade Glazed Cheesecake - Mixed berry marmalade glazed cheesecake with buttery graham crust. Soap is made with real brown sugar, finely ground walnut shells and black raspberry seeds. A reformulation.
Black Currant Berry Tart ~ Dark berries mingle with delight in a crumbly crusted tart!
Candied Strawberries and Liquored Filled Dreams - An irresistible medley of sweet juicy strawberries dipped in warmed crystallized raw sugar then doused with a rich hazelnut and vanilla liquor.
Candied Violets - Sugared violets on butter sponge cake.
Cotton Candy Cupcakes!!~ Ok, I said I never would but... I have these irresistible smelling cotton candy oils that beg to blended with a vanilla butter cake scent! So here she is, all fluffy and pink , so sweet she will give you a toothache when devoured!! NOM!!
Reformulation~Chocolate Toasted Almond- Dark rich chocolate coated Almonds with a buttery caramel base note.
Lavender & Chocolate- As simple as it sounds yet enticing and deliciously fresh!
Lavender Shortbread - Crumbly buttery shortbread cookies with ethereal Hungarian Lavender EO.
Lemon Curd and Coconut Cream (aka Lemming Crack) - Lemon curd and coconut cream with graham crust. NEW!~ Lemon Sugar~ Pure and true zesty lemon eo mixed with sweet crystallized sugar
Lemon Sugar Cookie- Deliciously fresh and zesty exclusive blend of cold pressed Lemon essential oil, and a blend of scrumptious cookie fragrance oils makes this a mouth watering combination , but do not eat!
Lemon Poundcake with Caramelized Sugar! ~ Rich yellow pound cake with zesty Lemon eo and a caramelized sugar crunch! Finally released this one was sampled out before as a sample butter rich last year!
Strawberry Sugar Shortcake-Ripe juicy strawberries , crushed and rolled into sweet cane sugar , gently folded into fresh whipped cream on top of a warm buttery shortcake.
Southern Blackberry Jam Cake- Big fat, juicy Blackberries smother this buttermilk rich , slightly spiced cake. An old Southern tradition!