4in1 Shower Gel/Bubble Bath/Shampoo/Cleaner - 8 ounce


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All your needs, in only one bottle! Use it as a fantastic Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath or Fabric Cleaner! (do a small patch test first)

Comes in a clear 8 oz. bottle with a pearly sheen.

  • Now DEA, MEA - free!
  • Neutral PH
  • Paraben Free 
  • Cruelty Free ~ No Animal Testing (like ALL of our products) 
  • No Animal Products
  • Extremely mild to skin 
  • No Alcohol 
  • Gluten Free
  • and Biodegradable!

New 4 in 1 Ingredients

Choose from: 

Summer Scents Round 2!

Newly listed blasts from the past!!

Alice's Tea Party - Made this into soap bars years ago called, "Gingerhouse Fruitcake," and Sarah kindly asked for it back! She said it was "Let Them Eat Cake" meets "Garden Party". So, it has been reincarnated into a fun-loving tea party! A kooky concoction of Gingerbread cookies, Coconut Macaroons, and Raspberry Jam, with an array of tiny touches of herbal teas of Spearmint & Lemon, Orange and Clove.

Apple Brown Betty - Warm, inviting baked apple, lemon, cinnamon, and buttery crust. This classic combination makes a fantastic comfort dish as well as a wonderful bath and body scent.

Bali Cloud - EOs of Sweet Orange Peel and Ylang Ylang and FOs of Sandalwood and Creamy Vanilla. A mix of Orange Cloud and Bali scent, because Moona gets so confused which is which, she decided to mix them together instead. This scent is like fresh peeled oranges with a sweet woody background. The Ylang Ylang is hardly detectable in this scent and only enhances the sweetness of the fresh orange aroma.

Black Mamba - Named after one the deadliest snakes in the world! Delve deep into the dark and exciting aromas of Caribbean rum, rich Hazelnut dusted marshmallow cream, Black Vanilla, simple syrup and dark, freshly brewed coffee.

Blueberry Black Tea - If you love Blueberry Hill try this number with black tea.

Blue Moon - Blue Hawaiian, snappy ginger, blends beautifully with faint floral and soft woods. 

Butter Rum & Coconuts - Slide on up into the Voodoo lounge with this tropical creamy delight of buttered rum and fragrant coconut milk!

Coconut Vanilla Musk - Just like is sounds!

Coconut Pudding with Grilled Pineapple - Creamy, coconut pudding and juicy, slightly smokey grilled pineapple!

Coconut Madness - Coconut so tropical it gives you a fever! Ok I am stretching it a bit.

Earth/Uplifting - Sweet Orange and a secret herb. Citrus and herbal scent, fresh and uplifting. Represents the element Earth.

Fortune Teller - Peppermint tea leaves (NOT sweet candy cane like peppermint), sultry vanilla and a slight hint of copal incense smoke.

Fernwood - Fresh, rain like quality, slightly woody. Represents clairvoyance and longevity.

Grape Gush - Super juiced grape, soda pop effervescent goodness!!

Lemon Cola - Real Lemon EO blended with cola and other effervescent components to make this light, zesty and refreshing!

The Redfruit Tree - A tree that bears a delicious red fruit which is good for quenching thirst. It likes a tropical climate so can be found in abundance in the Southern continent. In the north, it is limited to the few tropical regions such as Nerat.  Red Papaya, Passion fruit, Pomegranate and Acai Berries.

Rosewater Angelfood Cake - The new version of Moona's old classic.

Tahitian Gardenia - Sweet and heady Gardenia blended with tropical coconuts and a twist of fresh Ginger.

Thai Sunset - Yet again, one more scent from the archives that started MoonaLisa! A warm and woodsy blend full of sharp citrus fruits, lemongrass, and woods. Soothing and fresh! Represents honesty, growth and clairvoyance.

Twisted Carnival 1 - The Twisted Carnival is back in town offering their sinfully delicious Funnel cakes, ooey gooey toppings & cotton candy. You can also detect a hint of their sinister magic with a whiff of smoky resins all on a bed fairground hay.

Twisted Carnival 2 - Buttery toffee crusted marshmallows and strawberry jam topped funnel cakes!

Yazu Serious! - Sampled long ago! Juicy Yazu, with a sophisticated twist!


New Scents:

From the Voodoo Lounge Collection:

Voodoo Doll - Raspberry, Orange, and Cranberry juice.

Mojo Jojo - Banana Ice blended in Coconut Rum, with a slice of Orange, and topped with a Maraschino Cherry.

Mermaid's Cordial - Tropical Fruits, Caribbean Coconut Rum, and a Splash of Ocean waves! 


Restock Scents:

Blueberry Hill - Delicious, warm blueberry syrup, butter, and pancakes… slurp! This one is a straight up fragrance that is so good on its own, I never had the heart to add a thing.

Blue Milk – A Star Wars inspired scent. Our version is a fruity type of slightly spiced rice milk, mixed with various, juicy, dark berries.

Bongo Poppy Cake - Delicious, lemon poppy seed cake, drowned in an unhealthy dose of lightly spiced cream cheese icing dripping all over it! Does contain real essential and fragrance oils. Due to the heavy use of vanilla in this one, this scent does discolor soaps and scrubs after time.

Brazilian Mango Lime Smoothie! - A juicy cocktail of natural fruit oils, with a splash of rum and coconut! Yum!

Cedarwood & Patchouli - A pure woody herbal blend of tranquil essential oils.

Chocolate Strudel – (aka Schokoladenstrudel) Delicious chocolate & coconut, with a hint of flaky buttery pastry! Oil turns dark chocolate brown in gel and lotion but has no effect on the product.

Creamy Rootbeer Float - Fresh and clean, but sweet, creamy rootbeer with a touch of spice all at the same time!

Cloven Cotton Candy – The sweet and delicious aroma of spun sugar with a slight hint of real clove bud eo., for a slightly sinister twist on a too innocent classic!

Copa Banana - Creamy rich banana and toasted coconut with rich vanilla sugar.

Coconut Cotton Candy - Delicious, mouthwatering, toasted sweet coconut, mixed with melt in your mouth vanilla cotton candy!

Duchess of Willowdale - Notes are reminiscent of old Victorian parlors: honey, Amber, and pipe tobacco, but with added notes of deep, dark, rich chocolates.

Grapefruit Haven – A pure and simple mix of tart, and juicy blends of various Grapefruit essential oils. One of Moona's favorites!

Cherry Cola - Another delicious and refreshing cola! This one with a realistic, sweet, maraschino cherry syrup!

Chocolate Cola – Rich, dark chocolate syrup blends beautifully with fragrant and fresh effervescent cola! One of Moo's favorite scents! It’s chocolatey, but the soda cuts the sweetness just enough to make it refreshing for summer!

Lavender Mint & Chocolate - Fresh, bright, and decadent all at once, in this eye-opening scent!

Lemon Lime Ginger and Soda Water - Bubble up with an energizing refreshing blend of all EO's of, Lemon, Lime and Fresh Ginger with a splash of refreshing soda water fragrance oil. Not recommended for sensitive skin!

Mother’s Milk - Comforting blend of farm fresh Almond milk with a touch of honey and oats.

Neptune’s Cove - Oceanic salty moss fragrance is blended with Oakmoss concrete and other coniferous botanicals to give it a slightly wet, earthy, cove like scent.

Sea Witch - Relaxing and invigorating at the same time, with a fresh spray of oceanic scent made with essential oils of Cypress and Spruce.

Twisted Ginger - Oh, those Redheads. Watch out she may bite!! This one is another maniacal cotton candy scent with toasted coconut spun sugar delight, garnished with fresh & candied ginger!!



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