Summer Alcohol Perfume Spray- EDP - RTS


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All of MoonaLisa's™ perfume sprays are one fluid ounce of concentrated perfume oil dispersed into perfumer’s alcohol. Glass bottle may vary in size and shape from pictures shown, but all will contain one fluid ounce of scented euphoria!!!

Label designs will vary depending on scent.

Perfume sprays can NOT ship internationally! We are sorry about this, but it is the law!

PLEASE do not attempt to buy one if you are NOT residing in the continental United States. We will have to cancel your order for the perfume, and charge a restocking fee.

***This item must ship USPS Retail Ground***

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Aurelia - Delicious ripe raspberries top this lovely, raspberry jam filled, white wedding cake, doused with vanilla cream, topped with dried red rose petals, and with a hint of Sandalwood ambered musk.



Betty Lives Forever - 2018 decant - Gentle, White Lily, Wild Bergamot and barely a whiff of a heady bouquet of Jasmine and just a touch of Violet all blended with three different Ambers for an erotic dry down of Amber Resins, Barley grass, Musk, Balsam Tolu, Black Vanilla and Teak. 



Blueberry Hill - Delicious, warm blueberry syrup, butter and pancakes, slurp.... this one is a straight up fragrance that is so good on its own, I never had the heart to add a thing. 



Blueberry Black Tea - If you love Blueberry Hill try this number with black tea.



Bongo Poppy Cake - Delicious, lemon poppy seed cake, drowned in an unhealthy dose of lightly spiced cream cheese icing dripping all over it! Does contain real essential and fragrance oils. Due to the heavy use of vanilla in this one, this scent does discolor soaps and scrubs after time.



Bohemian Velvet: Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Nag Champa incense type of notes. Inspired from MoonaLisa's Haight Ashbury days as a Goth girl. It's like walking into one of those dark and exciting old pagan magic shops in the Haight. The lovely incense type aromas are sure to bring back old memories or build new ones.



Butter Rum & Coconuts - Slide on up into the Voodoo lounge with this tropical creamy delight of buttered rum and fragrant coconut milk!



Coconut Vanilla Musk - Just like is sounds!



Candied Lime & Cardamon - A sweet and delectable lime e.o., blends with a titch of Cardamon e.o., and gives the scent a fresh, spicy, and sweet woody undertone.



Cedarwood and Patchouli - A pure woody herbal blend of tranquil essential oils.



Chocolate Espresso Torte – A delicious bed of deep, dark, chocolate mousse, blended with a lovely, steamy rich espresso. 



Cherry Cola - Another delicious and refreshing cola! This one with a realistic, sweet, maraschino cherry syrup!



Chocolate Strudel – (aka Schokoladenstrudel) Delicious chocolate & coconut, with a hint of flaky buttery pastry! Oil turns dark chocolate brown in gel and lotion but has no effect on the product. 



Cloven Cotton Candy – The sweet and delicious aroma of spun sugar with a slight hint of real clove bud e.o., for a slightly sinister twist on a too innocent classic!



Coconut Madness - Coconut so tropical it gives you a fever! Ok I am stretching it a bit. 



Copa Banana - Creamy rich banana and toasted coconut with rich vanilla sugar. 



Coconut Cotton Candy - Delicious, mouthwatering, toasted sweet coconut, mixed with melt in your mouth vanilla cotton candy! 



Coconut Pudding with Grilled Pineapple - Creamy, coconut pudding and juicy, slightly smokey grilled pineapple



Fortune Teller - Peppermint tea leaves (NOT sweet candy cane like peppermint), sultry vanilla and a slight hint of copal incense smoke. 



Grapefruit Haven – A pure and simple, mix of tart and juicy blend of various Grapefruit essential oils. One of Moona's favorites!



Indigo Ice - Woodsy Cedar blends with warm Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Heliotrope, Coriander and a garnish of cool citrus of Bergamot, Red Mandarin, Star Anise, and Fresh Ginger. 



Jello Shots - Strawberry, Rhubarb, Tangerine EO, Passion Fruit and Guava. 



Katherine - Moona's Cashmere Woods, blended with Moona's Dutchess of Willowdale , blended with Rose attar! This recipe idea came from the lovely Katherine!! 



Lavender Mint & Chocolate - Fresh, bright, and decadent all at once, in this eye opening scent!



Mars Melons - They came in the form of minty fresh melons! Because in Space.......NO ONE! Can smell you're clean!!!!! 



Mermaid's Cordial - Tropical Fruits, Caribbean Coconut Rum, and a Splash of Ocean waves!  



Mojo Jojo - Banana Ice blended in Coconut Rum, with a slice of Orange, and topped with a Maraschino Cherry.



Mother’s Milk - Comforting blend of farm fresh Almond milk with a touch of honey and oats.



Neptune's Cove - Oceanic salty moss fragrance is blended with Oakmoss concrete and other coniferous botanicals to give it a slightly wet, earthy, cove like scent. 



Peach Paradise - Sweet peaches in syrup doused with creamy coconut milk.



Posidonia - An aquatic and earthy scent, with essence of the ocean. Sea moss, foam, shells, and seaweed, mingle with fresh, floral, and citrus notes of grapefruit, gardenia, and lilac. Grounded by earthly notes of clary sage, coriander, parsley, and fir needle.



Sea Witch - Relaxing and invigorating at the same time, with a fresh spray of oceanic scent made with essential oils of Cypress and Spruce.



Tiki Room Paradise - Coconut, natural oils of Raspberry, Orange and Mango! A deliciously decadent juicy fruit paradise in a scent!



Yazu Serious! - Sampled long ago! Juicy Yazu, with a sophisticated twist! 



Zoe - (Perfume and EDP only) Just like Zoe! Strong, clean, fresh sea air with a subtle floral background.



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