All Seeing Eye Candle~


Sold Out

Revived and alive!! MoonaLisa's "Seeing Eye" Candles are back for a limited time!

Handmade 6 x 3 inch pillars of spooky fun! Weighing in at approximately 21 ounces of wax!

Perfect for seances or any gathering where a third eye is needed!  Experience the thrill of not being able to escape the eerie blank stare of your candle!! And the aromatically Spooktacular scent, a blend of various incense resins like- Dragon's Blood and Frankincense, and other magical notes, fit for any parlor! Colors range from a deep black, purplish, blood red hue. No two are exactly alike!

The ones pictured are from ten years ago, the holograms are now a bit different , and perhaps a little creepier! 

Comes complete with ribbon and tag with instructions, and warnings of things you shouldn't do in front of your candle....Enjoy!

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