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We blend rich, mineral packed sea salts from around the globe, such Pacific Spa Sea Salts, French Grey Sea Salt from, Guerande, FranceHimalayan Pink and Dead Sea.

And scents that are noted with " * "  also include Binchotan Activated Charcoal infused salts.

Binchotan Activated Charcoal is known for helping the skin to purify, balance and  retain moisture, as well as give a sense of wellbeing much like Epsom salts do.

Adding in handfuls of ground natural botanical's, and our own artisanal scents! Making these bath salts an aromatic bath oasis!

Earthy and richly scented salts from the sea!

These come in an 8 oz jar, weighing in at 10 oz net. 

Choose from the drop down menu:

* Ancestral Dust : (formally known as All Hallows Eve) Autumn strolls through dry graveyards, with earthy grounding oak moss, patchouli, herbs, oud wood, sandalwood, various mosses, smoked woods and a touch of earthly reminders of home.

* Durga 5ml: Hindu Mother Goddess of protection helps you draw your boundaries and protect yourself from negative energies. This is also the same scent as MoonaLisa's™ Monster Spray. Gingery, buttery, spicy brown sugar and a hint of grounding, earthy, Patchouli & Neroli. Smells like the MOST delicious Halloween cookies baking and a breath of Autumn Graveyard air. Hmmm, Sweet Haunted Home!

The Evil Garden ~ 2015 A Gorey inspired perfume The peaches, apples, plums and pears that are guarded by ferocious bears. Too bad the nurse has disappeared, but in her place has revered, gorgeous flowers that have a smell, which causes one to feel unwell. (but you won't ;)

Late Harvest 5ml: is ripe juicy apples, fresh cut lavender EO, wild oak & a hint of the last harvest bonfire. 

Mabon 3ml: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cypress, Juniper, Pine and pulverized Oak Moss and concrete. A Scott Cunningham recipe with Moona’s added twist of Saffron and Myrrh oils. A very dusty fall stroll like scent. 

*Nightcrawlers Wake 5ml: Reach up through dark and dank rich humus soil, wet earth, fresh green grass & the unmistakable hint of freshly decaying carnation wreaths. 


* Witches Circle (2019 version) 3ml: A Place that is not a Place, a Time that is not a Time..... a circle of space marked out by practitioners of many branches of witchcraft and ritual magic, either to contain energy or form a sacred space. Oakmoss, Ambers, and Sweetgrass Smoke.


New scents!:

*Crone's Cottage: Everything you would expect from an elder wisewoman's lair! Smoking embers, delicious cakes and breads baking, hanging bushels of botanicals and herbs. ( Available in carpet fresh, scrubs. bath salts, and soap)

*Witchery: Sultry ambers, woods and magic! ( Available in carpet fresh, scrubs. bath salts, and soap)


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