Winter Bath Salt Soaks


Feel the need to fly away sometimes, and get over the moon? A good soak in a tub makes a good get away at home!

These Bath Brew Salt Soaks, are a gently bubbling experience with Coconut based Lanthanol, and Citric Acid, and come packed with Mineral salts and exotic various sea salts, and skin softening oils,  making them a perfectly enjoyable, softly foaming, steamy bath. 

Comes in a 12 ounce bag.


Salt Soak Ingredients


Winter Treats to keep you snuggled up and cozy all winter long!  

Scents being offered are:


Yule Scent List 2017

Blood Orange & Chocolate: Just like the traditional Yuletide candy treat! Made with only real Orange essential oil, as are ALL of our citrus oils are ALWAYS all natural! And rich, dark Chocolate fragrance and Cocoa Absolute! So good! 

Buttered Rum Creme BruleeA rich, caramel crusted, custard dessert with a buttery rum boozy twist. 

Christmas CoconutSweet Orange and Vanilla Bean infused Coconut with Tangerine EO. 

Christmas Pudding: Vanilla Planifolia, Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin, Cardamon, ginger and a touch of fragrance oils that fill the air with the delicious aroma of fresh baked gingerbread and love.


Grapefruit HavenPure and simple, mix of sugars and powdered salts blended with a tart and juicy pure blend of various Grapefruit essential oils. One of Moona’s favorites!

Mother's Milk 2015 Recipe: Warming and comforting Almond milk with a touch of honey and oats.


Raspberry Chocolate TruffleA realistic raspberry coulis mixed with a dark rich chocolate liqueur.


Snow Ice: Fond memories Moona has when a child at camp during the Nevada snows, making natural “ice cream" from ice cold snow, condensed milk, sugar and Vanilla extract. This scent is reminiscent of that: sweet crystallized vanilla sugar and cream.

Starlight WoodsTalk a walk under the starlight winter sky. This blend is a woody smoky soft Amber, with wafts of sacred incense.

Solstice Night StrollFir balsam, sandalwood, various incense resins, crystallized berries with a fresh blend of grapefruit and winter mandarin.

Sugared ForestSugared Spruce, frosted berries and fir trees.

Winter Porridge with Apple StrudelHot buttery oats, with a slightly spiced baked apple strudel with a heart of warming goodness. The soap also has a spiced brown sugar ripple and made with real brown sugar, and also real honey and oats.

Winter HearthA warm and cozy blend, and full of Yuletide promise! A woody, slightly smoky blend of subtle spice, resins and woods.

Winter Solstice 2015 version: Tune into quiet Winter mysteries with a blend of different Frankincense resins from around the world, Nutmeg and Labdanum Absolute. 100% Natural essences.


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