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Moonalisa's Carpet Fresh

Use this , Fragrant herbal mixture to naturally deodorize and help repel pests, like fleas, Ants and moths. Liberally scatter on your carpet.

Walking on the botanicals also helps release their pleasant aroma. Then all you need to do is vacuum them up, leaving behind a fresh, delicious smelling carpet! Let it sit for about 10 - 15 minutes. then vacuum it up, leaving behind a delicious autumnal scent!

If you do not have a carpet you can also use this as a cupboard sachet. Tie up a bit of it in a fabric square and hang it in a closet, or tuck it in a drawer to use it as a sachet!

Ingredients; Sodium bicarbonate (BAKING SODA), sodium borate (BORAX), various botanicals depending on scent, and fragrance!

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NEW! Hexenhäuschen (“witch’s cottage”): All that a magical gingerbread nestled in an enchanted forest should smell like! Gingerbread, icing, baked goodies, butter, various woods, resins and a tinge of a crackling fire and spices and a smattering of dried herbs. 

In Germany, these houses were known as Hexenhäuschen (“witch’s cottage”) and Knusperhäuschen (“crunchy cottage”). The tradition of the Gingerbread Witch Cottages was brought to America by Pennsylvanian German immigrants and it’s unclear how it became connected with Christmas. One idea is that gingerbread shops and guilds would sell their goods outside churches and would shape them into whatever seasonal Christian celebration was occurring. It could also be due to a cross-cultural blending, as gingerbread houses were made in Sweden on St. Lucy’s Day in celebration ( witch is also connected with witch lore) , so this might also explain a connection between the witch’s cottage and the Yuletide season.

MoonaLisa™ original carpet fresh scent!: Chamomile flowers, Lavender Buds, Peppermint Leaves, and essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Citronella.


The Rumpkin!: Delicious pumpkin goodies with a twist of fresh sweet lavender essential oil and crushed Lavender buds. 






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