Dusting Powder - Newly Listed Scents


Talc free dusting body made from natural corn starch, arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, Kaolin clay and scent and that is it!!

Comes in 4 oz. paper powder shakers with various labels.

Picture shown is one vintage label made from one of Moona's original oil paintings, a self-portrait titled,

"Catherine Escapes the Wheel" a parody of a classic painting of the tortured Saint, St. Catherine. 

Dusting Powder Ingredients

 Choose from the following scents:


Absinthe Marshmallow: All the green goodness of Absinthe with the fluffy light as feather treat of Marshmallow cream! 

Broom Brittle: Be the talk of the next Coven meeting with notes of smoldering woods, blended into a toasted Coconut and Pumpkin Pie crumble, magically transformed into a rich buttery toffee brittle! Only a Good Witch would think of that! 

Bohemian Velvet - Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Nag Champa incense type of notes. Inspired from MoonaLisa's Haight Ashbury days as a Goth girl. It's like walking into one of those dark and exciting old pagan magic shops in the Haight, sadly which no longer exist The lovely incense type aromas are sure to bring back old memories or build new ones.

Eclipse: Powdery and musky. Full bodied, earthy, sweet and sensuous. Use as an aphrodisiac. Represents sensuality, strength and success.

Glided Bat~A Gorey inspired perfume: Flasks of Irish Whiskey are gayly infused with droplets of sweet Amber resin layered between soft worn Leather.Followed by ephemeral tendrils of smoke from Golden Copal and glowing Firewood Embers. Grounded by intoxicating sensual Agar Wood, dipped into dark mysterious Chocolate Liquor on crushed remnants of Cocoa Beans. Finished off with rich, natural and eternal Sandalwood with the tiniest touch of notes in earthly reminders of Patchouli and Peruvian Clove. This scent is labled with my interpretation of an Edward Gorey illustration.

Smoldering Havana Charmer: a new Amber Tobacco Chocolate scent. I made a newer version of the Duchess but much more complex , grown up and edgy.

 Forest Fig: Earthy, figgy goodness blending with the moisture of a dank twiggy forest, highlighted with harvest fruit, caramel and subtle  spice and a hint of fresh roasted coffee grounds.

And finally the return of ~ 

The Coven: A super premium perfume, originally formulated in an intensive natural perfume class Moona took with her iconic mentor the legendary Herbal Queen herself~  Jeanne Rose!

This blend is rich, sultry and velvety, making it a dark, and beautifully enticing aroma like most covens are! This scent is more expensive because it is so costly to make. Notes include: Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose, Champaca, Spikenard, Vanilla and Frankincense. 

If you are not familiar with Spikenard, from wiki: The oil was known in ancient times and was part of the Ayurvedic herbal tradition of India. It was obtained as a luxury in ancient Egypt, the Near East. In Rome, it was the main ingredient of the perfume nardinum (O.L. náladam), derived from the Hebrew שבלת נרד (shebolet nard, head of nard bunch),[5] which was part of the Ketoret used when referring to the consecrated incense described in the Hebrew Bible and Talmud. It is also referred to as the HaKetoret (the incense).

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