Egyptian Royal Jelly


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Egyptian Royal Jelly is Moona's recipe Inspired by the ancient Egyptian technique of slowly simmering for days and days rare, exotic woods and resins in pure olive oil to achieve this superior, deep red hued "jelly" balm like moisturizer.

It truly is a unique type of moisturizer. MoonaLisa™ has been making this recipe for almost 20 years now for her clients!

Various ingredients include: Olive oil, Red Sandalwood, Amber resin, Alkanet root, Apricot kernel oil, Borage oil, essential oils of Frankincense, Vetiver and Nutmeg are just a few of the many different natural oils used to make this a smoky, divine resinous indulgence. The Alkanet root makes this balm a reddish hue, does not stain your skin , but please use caution on light colored fabrics. 

These little pots are a beautiful 1 1/3 oz. frosted glass jar with liner and metal lid. Nestled in a little velvet pouch.



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