Witchy Mystery Bags!


The bag itself is a large cotton bag decorated with a custom made ironed on graphic image, handmade gift tag and little charm!
Choose from two different themed bags!

Are you a Green Witch?

Green Witches are Earth based, alive with the Goddess and all of its enchanted nature and creatures!

Or a  Kitchen Witch? Energized with foody , spices, herbs, baked goodies chocolates and nuts!

Each bag is filled with various MoonaLisa™ products totaling at least a value of $40.00, sometimes more, and every bag receives at least five to six items depending on value of each item.

Pictures are little clues from previous Mystery Bags from years past. You can also get an idea what a MoonaLisa™ Mystery Bag is like the lovely ComforterGals youtube channel found here: 





Thank you Tracey!!! <3

 Bags weigh in just a little under two pounds. One - two bags fit into a regional flat rate box, two to three bags fit into medium flat box. And four bags fit into a large flat rate box.




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