Lip Butters ~ Fall Flavors!


All eyes will be on your luscious lips, with the help of our tasty lip butters!! Handmade from Moona's own recipe of moisture rich oils and butters, and delectable original flavors!

Made with Almond Oil, Cocoa butter, bees wax, organic honey and flavor. That is it!

 Choose from:

Absinthe Marshmallow Cream: All the green goodness of Absinthe with the fluffy light as feather treat of Marshmallow cream! Try it! All the cool ghouls are wearing it!

Maple Butter Chocolates: Mmm, Maple Butter mixed with rich Chocolate! 

Cinnamon Sugar Dusted Popcorn: Nothing says Fall like the enticing aroma of Cinnamon Sugar and Popcorn, so why not combine them! 

 Who's hungry for Fall treats? I found some links to make these inspired recipes for some festive fun!



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