Magic Pillar Candles


These magic pillar candles are made with just wax, paper, sand and wick! Thats it, well a maybe a little magic..... 

Moona made these years ago but they were a huge candle, these are more of a  handle size, weighing in at about 6 oz's each, about 5x1.5 inches. We say about because each little guy is all handmade and not one exactly alike. All come with a little stone or gem, and a magical dusting of herbs or spice or incense on top. Each "mold" made of waxed paper which MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE BURNING!!, is a design Moona will make for each scent! 

IMAGES VARY!!! Pictured are Kitchen Witch scent in Hand of Fate wrapper, and Green Witch in Mystic Oracle Paper, the other scents will be designed by Moona in a magical theme as well!



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