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Bottle and cap designs may vary, as will the labels.

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 Bunny Killer - (Originally offered at Easter 2009, this is a vintage decant), We ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER TEST on animals! Nor do we use or endorse animal testing in anyway in our supplies or suppliers!!!

Original description:

Well Moona couldn't have all these cutie sweet offerings without one bad apple now could she? Nothing cute about a bunny killer! The outdoor and caged aroma of cedar & sandalwood, slight hint of "artificial" musk, sweaty leather and a touch of Vanilla. Ooh Moona is a meanie. 

Coconut Pudding and Grilled Pineapple!- ( vintage decants) Like it says! Creamy, coconut pudding and juicy, slightly smokey grilled pineapple!

Honey Cakes & Wildflower ~ ( twos years aged) Earthy, buttery corn cakes drizzled with golden honey, a touch of golden frankincense in a meadow full of blooming wild flowers.

Poetry - (this years oil) Romance is in the air with this balance of scent between floral, citrus, spice and resin. Orange Blossom cream with an English Toffee swirl and a touch of Frankincense and Ginger.

This is the perfume for the scrub offered this year, does not have the Orange butter or Frankincense powder in perfume, but still lovely.

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