Perfume- Made to Order


Bottle and cap designs may vary, as will the labels.

>>> Please also note: Some of these are 5ml and some are in the 3ml dauber bottles. It will specify when we load the pull down selection tab.<<<<



Inara the Companion 3ml~ Powdery fresh sensual light musk, blended with sparkling clean citrus, vanilla and amber spice added to a touch of fresh white lilies, Chinese roses with hints of sandalwood and moss.
Zoe 3ml~ Strong and clean , fresh sea air with a subtle floral background.

Twisted Carnival #1: This is a sinfully delicious, deep fried, Twisted Carnival concoction of sticky, deep fried pastry dough dusted with a heavenly glaze of brown sugar, melted butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg! The dough is then twisted with aromatic toasted Vanilla Spun Sugar, garnished with gooey Caramel Corn and drizzled with Marshmallow Creme! Oh the Twisted Horror!!!

Twisted Carnival #2- Notes are similar to Twisted Carnival #1, but the outcome is completely different! 

This blend is a sweet, warm funnel cake made with buttery cream, milky caramelized sugar, powdery sweet confection sugar and topped with loads of Strawberry sauce! Then finished off with a crumbling of Buttery Toffee bits, Butterscotch Marshmallow, and a light dusting of nutmeg!

New! ~ Cotton Candy Berry Blast!- Super sweet, delicious spun sugar doused with a juicy ripe berry medley syrup!

Cherry Colaanother delicious and refreshing cola's! This one with realistic sweet maraschino cherry syrup!


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