Room Sprays - Summer/Spring

Room Sprays - Summer/Spring

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Home fragrance to enchant your home with a spritz of aroma and set the atmosphere you wish!

A long lasting deodorizing room spray. This is a deodorizing fabric and room spray and is NOT for your skin! Comes in a 4oz. bottle with sprayer. Bottle shapes, sizes, color and closures will vary due to worldwide shortages. 

This refreshing room spray is an alcohol free, water based, room and linen spray!  Perfect for use at home, office, dorm, hotel room or anywhere you want to neutralize bad odors and add fragrance instantly!
It neutralizes pet odors, cigarette smoke, cooking and bathroom odors. As well as refreshes and deodorizes linens, towels and clothing with a unique conditioning agent.

If using on delicate and/or vintage fabrics, please do a patch test first!