Soap Bars


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Soap Bars- 6.5 - 9 oz each bar depending on the mold and cut

8.95 each

Choose from the following:

Gypsy Chocolate Cake (aka Rigio Jansci) - Inspired by an old cake recipe from the Vienna Empire Cookbook, a recipe for a Hungarian Gypsy's Chocolate cake for Lovers, "Rigio Jansci", named for a 19th century violinist who, legend says, broke the hearts of princesses with ease and equanimity.  Soap is made with goat’s milk and cocoa butter, rich, creamy and dark chocolate scented, a touch of Rum, & with real ground Ecuadorian Organic cocoa nibs (Organically grown, Fair Trade Certified) for exfoliation. Naturally tinted with red clay and dark rich brown mica. A deeply satisfying chunk of chocolate bliss.

Mayan Ka'kau' < new name! ( aka Holy Ka'kau' ): This scent makes an amazingly creamy, indulgent bar of soap in foaming rich dark chocolate, brewed with sweet sugar and corn meal , with a touch of heavenly aromatic spices.

Lemon Curd and Coconut Cream (aka Lemming Crack): Lemon curd and coconut cream topping, with graham cracker crust made of finely ground walnut shells.( bar shaped not pie shaped soap) 

Raspberry Vanilla Cream: Cream doused juicy raspberries and sweet vanilla musk.  

Bohemian Velvet: Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Nag Champa incense type of notes. Inspired from MoonaLisa's Haight Ashbury days as a Goth girl. It's like walking into one of those dark and exciting old pagan magic shops in the Haight, sadly which no longer exist The lovely incense type aromas are sure to bring back old memories or build new ones.

New~ Lavender Oatmeal Soap: A Rustic BAr- A fresh and natural blend of Lavender Absolute, Wild Lavender and Hungarian Lavender goats milk soap with scrubby organic oatmeal.





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