Soap Bars - Ready to Ship


Soap Bars- 6.5 - 9 oz each bar depending on the mold and cut

8.95 each

Choose from the following:

Newly Listed, and different sized bar! 

Herbaliscious- This scent I sampled out long ago!It is the natural scent "Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist" blended with Lavender oil!  I made this soap in the honeycomb with bees flat mold.  6 oz soap bars with Honeycomb and bees on the top, layed with crushed lavender buds and goats milk. 5.95 a bar

Don't get your Knickers in a Twist!- This unusual scent is fresh and a wake up call! Essential oils of : Fresh Lemon , Cardamon, Coriander, Patchouli & Bergamot. The soap is also layered with various natural clays

Dr. Bombay: One of Moona's very first blends over twenty years ago! Call the Doctor! A fantastic blend of essential oils of Blood Orange, Patchouli and Ginger!

Lavender Shortbread: Lavender infused shortbread welcomes you into its buttery embrace. This one has some fragrance, not 100% natural, shortbread cookies FO and Lavender EO.



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