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Soap Bars - Spring/LTEC
Soap Bars - Spring/LTEC
Soap Bars

Soap Bars - Spring/LTEC

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Soap Bars are big and fat, each bar, weighing in at 6.5-9 oz depending on the cut and if they have inclusions. 

9.95 each

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New Scents

Let Them Eat Cake: The ultimate in decadence, a rich moist coconut cake with a smidgen of crushed Lavender buds, gobs of sweet vanilla icing, dusted with sparkling vanilla infused cane sugar, and topped with gorgeous Vanilla orchids and a base of white musk. ( soap does discolor to dark amber due to the high vanilla content)

Fairy Song of Spring: Last of winters pomegranates, freshly sprung Bergamot, juice of Myers Lemons, wild plucked berries, opening Ylang Ylang blossoms all kissed with sprinkles of vanilla bean and raw sugar crystals.


Mon Citron Bijou (My Citrus Jewel):  A patchouli lover’s dream! With lively all-natural grapefruit, and five other citrus oils and earthy patchouli notes. 

Sea Witch:  The relaxing and invigorating at the same time, with a fresh spray of oceanic scent is made with essential oils of Cypress and Spruce

Let Them Eat Cake

Mayan Ka'kau': (aka Holy Ka'kau') This is a delicious silky chocolate scent, of a foaming rich dark chocolate, brewed with sweet sugar and corn meal, with a touch of heavenly aromatic spices.

Strawberry Marshmallow:  Bursting fruity strawberry goodness married with ooey marshmallow cream, a match made in heaven!