Sugar Scrubby Scrub


When is the best time to use a scrub, all the time!

Turn back the clock on your skin with the natural exfoliant Sugar!

MoonaLisa's sugar scrubs are made from scratch with all natural oils, sugars, nourishing butters, foaming bath whip cleanser, and luxuriously scented! All of this and still paraben free!! These are not the parfait scrubs they are all scrub!

Due to the natural nature and my unwillingness to use sulphur based products in our scrub, they may discolor over time, depending on the scent,  due to oxidation and vanilla content, this however does not effect the scrub in anyway, just makes them darken over time.

  • Weighs approximately 10 oz by weight
  • Comes in a 6 ounce jar by volume

Scrubby Scrub Ingredients

Choose from the following scents:


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