Velvet Cream - Spring


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It's creamy, it's dreamy, velvety and silky smooth! With wonderful butters of Cocoa, Shea and Green Tea Extract! 
This is lighter then our Butter Rich Cream, but thicker than our Potion Lotions.
  • Comes in a 4 oz. jar

Velvet Cream Ingredients


Choose from the following scents:

Let Them Eat Cake Collection Scents:



~NEW~ Almond Pastries: Back from long, long ago, Moona’s scent from the past is back! Airy flaky pastries with a sweet almond filling.



~NEW~ Marionberry Pancakes!: Buttery delicious pancakes topped with Oregon’s jewel of the berry family blended with ripe red berries and drizzled with maple syrup!



~NEW~ Chocolate Covered Marshmallows!: Dark, velvety chocolate blankets, sweet and creamy marshmallows .



~Reinvented from 2013~ Strawberry Marshmallow: Bursting fruity strawberry goodness married with ooey marshmallow cream, a match made in heaven!



Blood Orange Cotton Candy: A delightful blend of, true, Blood and Sweet Orange essential oils mixed with the comforting scent of the spun sugar treat!



Bongo Poppy Cake: Delicious, lemon poppy seed cake, drowned with an unhealthy dose of lightly spiced cream cheese icing dripping all over it! Does contain real essential and fragrance oils. Due to the heavy use of vanilla in this one, this scent does discolor soaps and scrubs after time.



Caribbean Coconut Cake: A tropical paradise of sun kissed mangos and pineapple, soaking into decadent rum spiked coconut cakes.



Chocolate Espresso Torte – A delicious bed of deep, dark, chocolate mousse, blended with a lovely, steamy rich espresso



Confetti Cake: Big white fluffy cake, with mounds and mounds of freshly made buttercream icing, sprinkled with bright and cheery Confetti sprinkles.



Cotton Candy Cupcakes!!: Ok, I said I never would but... I have. These irresistible smelling cotton candy oils that beg to be blended with a vanilla butter cake scent! So here she is, all fluffy and pink, so sweet she will give you a toothache when devoured!! NOM!!



Cloven Cotton Candy: Clove and cotton candy blended together! It's sinister, but not evil! Go ahead, try it....:)



Coconut Cotton Candy: Delicious, mouthwatering, toasted sweet coconut, mixed with melt in your mouth vanilla cotton candy!



Frangelico & Strawberry Jam:



Jelly Bean Cotton Candy: A blend of sweet and tart fruity jelly beans bouncing with joy and mingling with pink spun sugar cotton candy!



Lavender Shortbread: A buttery shortbread cookie blend with just a touch of Lavender EO.



Lemon Sugar Cookie: Deliciously fresh and zesty exclusive blend of cold pressed Lemon essential oil, and a blend of scrumptious cookie fragrance oils makes this a mouthwatering combination, but do not eat!



Mocha Almond Amber 2020 version!!!Rich aromatic espresso and chocolate tamed with creamy almond milk with just a touch of a sweet subtle, Amber and blonde woods.



Raspberry Lemon Tisane: Various Raspberry fragrance oils mixed with Lemon essential oil.



Rose Water Angel Food Cake ~ It's an oldie but a goodie, and reformulated! It is the classic Moona scent of, Angel Food Cake & Coconut - Fluffy white sponge cake with signature Almond extract and rich fragrant coconut with an added addition of a rose water syrup note.  Enjoy!!!



Strawberry Sugar Shortcake: Ripe juicy strawberries, crushed and rolled into sweet cane sugar, gently folded into fresh whipped cream on top of a warm buttery shortcake.



Sweet as a Peach: Sweet & sugared fresh Georgia peaches!!! 




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