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About Us

  • Founded in 1991
  • Original artisan perfumes, soaps, bath & body and wax creations. Our passion and specialty is creating, and recreating, bath and body nostalgic dreams for all to enjoy! Thank you for stopping by!
  • Paraben free as always since 1991!
  • MoonaLisa™ ~ a supernatural clean, is owned and operated by a wife and husband team, Moona aka Lisa,  and her Husband the MooMan aka Kc, also helped by a small number of employees, affectionately called by their customers : The MooCru'

Coming to you from sunny East Bay, California.

The MooCru creates quality handcrafted products made to order. The creator of recipes and designs on the MooCru~ is Moona herself .

Moona is also an award winning sculpture and painter and a graduate of Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1991. Her design studio is located in sunny East Bay, Ca.

Moona has studied herbalism and the art of perfume since the 1990's and has had many private tutorials from various natural perfumers including her mentor ~ Jeanne Rose.

Moona is also an avid photographer, sculpture, gardener, and a certified pastry chef. Once being employed for the Medical Dean of Stanford University as his families personal chef.

Drawing inspiration from different herbal, artistic , aromatic , and spiritual traditions. She has been creating and recreating modern and ancient herbal recipes, since 1990.
Moona is an extremely happy native California, with an ethnic background of Irish, Native American and Spanish. Raised by her parents, her father also a painter, she was brought up in various mystical traditions, being her Grandmother was a Seventh Daughter of the Moon High Priestess in the Rosicrucian society in the late 1920's.
For the past twenty plus years, and most of her free time still, she tirelessly reads herbal folklore, remedies and recipes. Scouring over endless books , from modern and holistic, to ancient Egyptian papyrus. Fascinated by not only the powerfully effective aromatic properties of herbs and oils, but also intrigued by the folklore and magical attributes of each in the Art of Perfume!

Moona has taught numerous classes to adults and children in areas of Fine Art, Cake Decorating, Candy Making, Herbology , Herbal Crafts and Soap Making. So creating and the reinvention of recipes is second nature to her.

~~ Specializing in esoteric, aromatic creations for the mind, body and spirit! ~~


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If you have an issue with an order please contact us at: customerservice@moonalisa.com

Thank you!~ The MooCru