Winter Collection Scent List

Winter Treats to keep you snuggled up and cozy all winter long!  
Scents being offered are:
Befana - Warm crusty baked bread, doused with butter and dripping with honey and traditional spices of cinnamon and clove
Christmas Coconut - Vanilla Bean infused Coconut with Tangerine EO.
Chocolate Strudel (aka Schokoladenstrudel) - Delicious Chocolate & coconut with a hint of flaky buttery pastry! Oil turns dark chocolate brown in gel and lotion but has no effect on product.
Cranberry Marshmallow Fluff: Juicy cranberries in a marshmallow cream.
Cranberry Spiced Shortbread- Juicy ripe Cranberries ready to burst with a subtle touch of Christmas spices topping warm and buttery shortbread cookie.
Dolci Jublio - 2015 version Orange EO, Clove EO, Amber and Frankincense (frankincense is a blend of EO and fragrance oils.
Duchess of Willowdale - Notes are reminiscent of old Victorian parlors, Honey, Amber, Pipe Tobacco but with added notes of deep, dark, rich chocolates.
Enchanted Moon - A bewitching blend of various Frankincense resin oils and fragrance, Vetiver and Vanilla.
Forest Fig: Earthy, figgy goodness blending with the moisture of a dank twiggy forest, highlighted with harvest fruit, caramel and subtle spice and a hint of fresh roasted coffee grounds.
Forest Floor- 2015 reformulation!: Reminiscent of rich, dank soil. Notes include: Oak moss, Vetiver, Opponax, Sandalwood, Dark Patchouli, Crepes Absolute , smoldering firewood and Sage. Just to name a few. Not for the green earth novice!
Grapefruit Haven - Pure and simple, mix of sugars and powdered salts blended with a tart and juicy pure blend of various Grapefruit essential oils. One of Moona's favorites!
Holy Ka'kau'  - Foaming rich dark chocolate , brewed with sweet sugar and corn meal , with a touch of heavenly aromatic spices.
Lavender & Vanilla Bourbon- Fall 2015 version: Lavender EO, and deliciously boozy NEW Vanilla fragrance I have found!
Lemon Poundcake with Caramelized Sugar! ~ Rich yellow poundcake with zesty Lemon eo and a caramelized sugar crunch!
Mother's Milk 2015 reformulation! - Warming and comforting Almond milk with a touch of honey and oats. Soap is: Top layer, a clear honey color with nourishing Shea butter, ground walnut shells ( the same I use for the Mabon soaps),bottom layer brownish and all sweetened with real honey and scented with Almond nectar and oats.
NEW~  Mulled Cranberry Frost:  ( note: Many Santa Cookie workshop bag shave this scent in them) : Juicy and tart with soft mulled spices and winter berries.
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle ~  A realistic raspberry coulis mixed with a dark rich chocolate liqueur.
Shire - Rich soil, earthy bark, dried grasses, stones and pinecones.
S'mores & Hot Cocoa: Classic marshmallow, buttery graham crackers and rich chocolate paired with steaming hot cocoa, mmmmmm
Snow Ice -2015 reformulation! Fond memories Moona has when a child at camp during the Nevada snows, making natural "ice cream" from ice cold snow, condensed milk, sugar and Vanilla extract. This scent is reminiscent of that: sweet crystallized vanilla sugar and cream.
Snuggler - The drink of choice while wintering in North Beach, San Francisco! Rich dark hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps
New! Sugared Forest- Sugared Spruce , frosted berries and fir trees.
Solstice Night Stroll - Fir balsam, sandalwood, various incense resins, crystallized berries with a fresh blend of grapefruit and mandarin.
Sea Witch : Natural oils of Cypress and Spruce, its an eyeopener!!
 Torta Del Cielo 2015 reformulation! ~ Heavenly Cake (End of the World Mayan Collection) - is a traditional Mayan desert . It is a scrumptious , moist Almond sponge cake soaked with Rum or Brandy. Made with tons of butter, sugar, eggs and Vanilla bean.
Woodland Temple - Bayberry, Frankincense and a light ethereal Sandalwood. A version MoonaLisa's ™ Temple, without the heavy use oil Frankincense EO. (Original description was* Temple - Frankincense, Bayberry, etc. Really unusual scent with a lot of Frankincense overtones. Has a sedative property. Represents clairvoyance, meditation, wisdom, and psychic awareness.)
Whole - Sweet Orange, Neroli (Orange Blossom) & Petigrain. Warming, soothing and refreshing to the spirit. This is a very special blend using every part of the orange tree: the leaves, fruit, rind and twig, helping you to feel whole again. This blend is great for postnatal fatigue. It represents spiritual and mental wholeness and well being.
Woodland Moss - Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Lavender etc. and in the soap "Man Soap" I add actual Oakwood Moss, a French perfumer's secret for centuries.
Winter Solstice 2015 version NOTE- if you ordered the Yule Santa Bag you will already have a perfume coming in your bag!! - Tune into quiet Winter mysteries with a blend of different Frankincense resins from around the world, Nutmeg and Labdanum Absolute. 100% Natural essences.
Venetian Coffee Swirl - Rich dark roasted coffee with hazelnut and chocolate oils.  
Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel~  Hot buttery oats, with a slightly spiced baked apple strudel  with a heart of warming goodness. The soap also has a spiced brown sugar ripple and made with real brown sugar, and also real honey and oats.
Vanilla Sugar ~ A rich and boozy deep sweet Vanilla absolute, sugar and musk.
And a few vintage decants available of :
Medieval #3 - ~ Frankincense, Myrrh and other Cathedral type of aromas (Yule 2013)
Yule Log - Pinon resin, light smoldering woods and fir. ( Yule 2013)
Woodland Pear ( Yule 2013)
Warm winter juicy pears gentle spiced and simmered with aromatic
oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger and just a touch of Sandalwood.
Amber & Oud ( 2013) Moona's old Amber blend mixed with natural, super rich brooding Oud oil.
Eclipse ( 2013) Powdery and musky. Full bodied, earthy, sweet and sensuous.
Thank you all, and to all a goodnight!!!
Blessings and Yuletide Greetings~ The Moo Cru'