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Holiday Scents coming around the corner and Ramblings.....

Coming soon!!!!

There is a list below of the line up of scents to come soon to light up the holidays!


 Right now to tide you over while we work on the holiday items and the internationals,  we are offering a small smattering of the return of the

" Where's my Pie" scent version 2013-  and the very little that is left for the Halloween items from domestic orders this year. TAT for " Where's my Pie"  , and left over pre-made Halloween items about ten business days or less.


Holiday mumblings as follows... 

Some church like more sacred ingredient incenses ,

detanglers will be in the house as well as some condish already and creams and soaps and!!~

Butter Rich creams and Cocoa butter creams and soaps!


a glittery crimson sweet confection lip gloss so there! Updates on these  and other news.... soonish!

New Scents~

Cranberry Marshmallow fluff- details to follow

Cranberry spiced Shortbread- details to follow

Eggsnockered- Super boozy Van ab Eggnog deliciousness

and I have a few more up my sleeve....


 coming back :

"Fir all up in Yer Face":  Fir Balsam and Cedarwood eo.

 "Hocus Pocus" ~ Take a walk the in the wooded forest near the three sisters house. Breathe in the fresh sweet aroma as you brush by the balsam pines, and wild growing blackberries, mulberries, and cloudberries. As you get closer you get whiffs of their smudging sticks made of red clover and sweetgrass. Puffs of their magic incense and potions fill the air with tuffs of sweet amber, French vanilla, cinnamon and caramelized sugar. (Halloween Collection 2013)

Witches Circle - Carnation, Lavender & Heather

Scents from Christmas past~

Black Bread and Marmalade: A rich and aromatic blend, sure to warm even the coldest of haunted manors, topped with gobs of glistening, subtly spiced Apricot, blood orange and pomegranate marmalade. Crusty warm bread, EOs of black pepper and anise, real cocoa powder and Black Strap molasses.

Blood Orange and Chocolate: Rich dark chocolate with eos of sweet juicy orange.

Gingernutter - Crumbly soft, warm Ginger Milk and Sugar cookies with Hazelnut Marshmallows (different than the ginger in Christmas Pudding) 

Crackling Firewood - A blend of berries and wood scents. Smells like a campfire.

Christmas Pudding - Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin, Cardamon, ginger and a touch of fragrance oils that fill the air with the delicious aroma of fresh baked gingerbread.

Medieval #3 - Latest version of chile pot recipe~ Frankincense, Myrrh and other Cathedral type aromas

Snuggler - The drink of choice while wintering in North Beach, San Francisco! Rich dark hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps. (Yule)

Solstice Night Stroll - Fir balsam, sandalwood, various incense resins, crystallized berries with a fresh blend of grapefruit and mandarin.

Torta Del Cielo ~ Heavenly Cake (End of the World Mayan Collection) - is a traditional Mayan desert . It is a scrumptious , moist Almond sponge cake soaked with Rum or Brandy. Made with tons of butter, sugar, eggs and Vanilla bean.

Venetian Coffee Swirl - Soap and scrub is made with real coffee butter and grinds, layered deliciously with goat's milk and coffee and chocolate oils.

Winter Porridge - hot steaming oats with cream, butter and saffron infused honey- but the soap also has a spiced brown sugar ripple . Soap is made with real brown sugar, oats and honey.

Winter Solstice - Tune into quiet Winter mysteries with a blend of different Frankincense ( India) , Nutmeg and Labdanum Absolute.

Woodland Moss - Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Lavender etc. and in the soap "Man Soap" I add actual Oakwood Moss, a French perfumer's secret for centuries. (Original scent list)

Woodland Pear - this years version of my Woodland Pear. Warm Wintery juicy pears gentle spiced and simmered with aromatic oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger and just a touch of Sandalwood. (Yule)

Yule Log - Pinon resin, light smoldering woods and fir.

Yule Spice: Fresh Orange and spicy clove mellow out with warm Amber and Frankincense resins.