Here comes ready to ship! February 24 2016

Hey guys!

Spring is in the air, and we are rolling out ready to ship items to our catalog! Stay tuned for more info, and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to get the latest on when our ready to ship items will be available.

Blessings ~ The Moo Cru

Winter Collection 2016 January 22 2016

Hey Guys!
It has been awhile! We have been moving right along on production of products, but we are delayed I am afraid!
Our main printer we use to make all 90% of our labels with had to go in for maintenance, and it was expected this past Monday, but it still not back yet! They assure us it will be this coming Tuesday, which we had planned for our drop off of items to the company! We apologize for this unexpected delay, and will be labeling thoughtfully but frantically once it gets here to get your orders out to you asap.
The shipping company has been primed and ready, and also eagerly awaiting our items for shipping out, so once we get a good amount labeled we will start dropping them off so they can get a move on them as quickly as possible.
I am sorry for any inconvenience this might cause!
We expect once we get the printer in, we will need about five business days to complete the labeling.
Thank you all for your patience, and please keep dry, warm and safe in this one heck of a Winter Season!
Blessings~ Moo

The Veil grows thinner......... August 19 2015

The veil grows thinner as we approach that special time of year, and Moona and her devious crew have already begun to cast their spells and brew their potions for you, in time for this special time of year! When the veil between our world of the living, and those who have crossed over, grows oh so thin.............

Prepare yourself with enchanting scents to arouse your imagination and put you in that perfectly spooktacular mood!

Enjoy your stay here at MoonaLisa ~ A Supernatural Clean ™ , but please check your back upon leaving, for any hitchhiking ghosts when you exit......




Second Summer Mini Sale ready for shipping! July 22 2015

This was our second mini summer sale with the Rock-a-Billy and Sci-fi scents included. Our fulfillment company should be getting started on the shipping out of them today. Pam who usually sends you your shipping info is on leave, and Ed, one of the owners of the shipping company, will be taking her place. So be on the look out for your CNS! It usually takes about a full week for them to finish once they get started, sometimes a little more. I would think we will be on the more end of it, with Pam on leave. But regardless , you should see your order very soon!

Next release will be coming up in early August. It will be our first set of our Fall goodies coming your way!!! We LOVE the Fall here at Moo-headquarters!

And also coming up very, very soon will be a couple of new surprises! So stay tuned and see you soon!

Thank you all and Blessings~ Moona

Halloween Collection Update! October 16 2014

I posted repeatedly on FB, but thought I should also post here for the non FB folks.

The Halloween collection was dropped off at the fulfillment company on time, and they have been shipping since yesterday, so yea!! We are very happy to say the least!

I am not sure how long it will take for them to complete the shipping of all the orders, but they have never taken longer then five business days in the past.

So thank you all so very much!!!  We wish you all a safe and Joyous Halloween!!


And details to follow soon on the merge between the International site and this domestic one.

Blessings~ The Moo Cru

Spring orders update~ April 08 2014

Jello! ~ Update!
For domestic orders we are still on schedule to drop off a the fulfillment company this Friday the 11th. They have us scheduled to start shipping out on Tuesday, and expect to take about three days to complete. A little longer this time around because of it being a larger collection. And boy howdy do we feel that! And why so quiet on our end. We have been working our tails off and will continue to do so until drop off time. 

Thank you!~ The Moo Cru

Abundant Spring Collection March 11 2014

Welcome to MoonaLisa's on-line store!

This shop is for domestic orders only, if you do NOT reside in the USA, please visit us at:

Currant TAT ( turn around time) is approximately twenty business days. Shop will be restocked March 12th at 6 :30 pm PDT,  with the new spring listings and again this coming Saturday March 15th at 10:00 a.m. PDT for Domestic sales.

International sale will be on the international site in about a week from now.

Lots of soap! And soapy goodness treats .................New & vintage Spring scents return!!

Adding soon, more earthy, more herbal and more fresh green scents coming your way! Also adding florals, and tantalizing Tropical scents , all coming soon! We were calling this the Brewing Spring Collection, but I have thought about it and changed the name to:

"Abundant Spring" , Enjoy and thank you! And do not forget to sign up for the customer rewards program!

We hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for shopping with us!

Blessings~ the MooCru'


February 9th and on order update! February 28 2014

All orders placed February 9th- to present are being shipped by our fulfillment company this round. We are dropping the products off early next week, and they have us scheduled to start and complete all orders by the end of March 7th!
Be sure to look inside your box for your freebie gift bag, ten lucky winners will receive free gift vouchers for product to be used on this site ranging from 5.00 to 50.00!
More details next week! Thank you and good luck everyone!
Blessings~ Moona

Yule/Holiday Shipping update December 14 2013

Word from the fulfillment company is they are working all weekend, and will have almost all Domestic Yule orders shipped by this coming  Monday evening ( December 14th)  and the rest are estimated to be completed at the latest Tuesday evening. So yea! :)

Yule / Holiday Shipping update ~ December 08 2013

We have dropped off more then half of the products to the fulfillment company last week for inventory stocking, and we will be dropping off the rest of it this week. We are still right on schedule for the fulfillment company to start shipping the domestic orders this coming Friday the 13th!!~ Woohoo!

The fulfillment company will most likely take only a few days to complete the shipping of the domestic Yule/ Holiday orders,.

After that , its a serendipitous program planned for awhile, for your shopping pleasure.
Ok,  that is all for now~

Holiday Scents coming around the corner and Ramblings..... November 02 2013

Coming soon!!!!

There is a list below of the line up of scents to come soon to light up the holidays!


 Right now to tide you over while we work on the holiday items and the internationals,  we are offering a small smattering of the return of the

" Where's my Pie" scent version 2013-  and the very little that is left for the Halloween items from domestic orders this year. TAT for " Where's my Pie"  , and left over pre-made Halloween items about ten business days or less.


Holiday mumblings as follows... 

Some church like more sacred ingredient incenses ,

detanglers will be in the house as well as some condish already and creams and soaps and!!~

Butter Rich creams and Cocoa butter creams and soaps!


a glittery crimson sweet confection lip gloss so there! Updates on these  and other news.... soonish!

New Scents~

Cranberry Marshmallow fluff- details to follow

Cranberry spiced Shortbread- details to follow

Eggsnockered- Super boozy Van ab Eggnog deliciousness

and I have a few more up my sleeve....


 coming back :

"Fir all up in Yer Face":  Fir Balsam and Cedarwood eo.

 "Hocus Pocus" ~ Take a walk the in the wooded forest near the three sisters house. Breathe in the fresh sweet aroma as you brush by the balsam pines, and wild growing blackberries, mulberries, and cloudberries. As you get closer you get whiffs of their smudging sticks made of red clover and sweetgrass. Puffs of their magic incense and potions fill the air with tuffs of sweet amber, French vanilla, cinnamon and caramelized sugar. (Halloween Collection 2013)

Witches Circle - Carnation, Lavender & Heather

Scents from Christmas past~

Black Bread and Marmalade: A rich and aromatic blend, sure to warm even the coldest of haunted manors, topped with gobs of glistening, subtly spiced Apricot, blood orange and pomegranate marmalade. Crusty warm bread, EOs of black pepper and anise, real cocoa powder and Black Strap molasses.

Blood Orange and Chocolate: Rich dark chocolate with eos of sweet juicy orange.

Gingernutter - Crumbly soft, warm Ginger Milk and Sugar cookies with Hazelnut Marshmallows (different than the ginger in Christmas Pudding) 

Crackling Firewood - A blend of berries and wood scents. Smells like a campfire.

Christmas Pudding - Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin, Cardamon, ginger and a touch of fragrance oils that fill the air with the delicious aroma of fresh baked gingerbread.

Medieval #3 - Latest version of chile pot recipe~ Frankincense, Myrrh and other Cathedral type aromas

Snuggler - The drink of choice while wintering in North Beach, San Francisco! Rich dark hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps. (Yule)

Solstice Night Stroll - Fir balsam, sandalwood, various incense resins, crystallized berries with a fresh blend of grapefruit and mandarin.

Torta Del Cielo ~ Heavenly Cake (End of the World Mayan Collection) - is a traditional Mayan desert . It is a scrumptious , moist Almond sponge cake soaked with Rum or Brandy. Made with tons of butter, sugar, eggs and Vanilla bean.

Venetian Coffee Swirl - Soap and scrub is made with real coffee butter and grinds, layered deliciously with goat's milk and coffee and chocolate oils.

Winter Porridge - hot steaming oats with cream, butter and saffron infused honey- but the soap also has a spiced brown sugar ripple . Soap is made with real brown sugar, oats and honey.

Winter Solstice - Tune into quiet Winter mysteries with a blend of different Frankincense ( India) , Nutmeg and Labdanum Absolute.

Woodland Moss - Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Lavender etc. and in the soap "Man Soap" I add actual Oakwood Moss, a French perfumer's secret for centuries. (Original scent list)

Woodland Pear - this years version of my Woodland Pear. Warm Wintery juicy pears gentle spiced and simmered with aromatic oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger and just a touch of Sandalwood. (Yule)

Yule Log - Pinon resin, light smoldering woods and fir.

Yule Spice: Fresh Orange and spicy clove mellow out with warm Amber and Frankincense resins.

Sale deets October 12th 2013! October 12 2013

Ok-sale is on for 9:00 am PST!

 TAT is set for approximately ten-twelve business days, in time for Halloween.

 Orange and more brown paper and black shred have been added to the fulfillment companies supplies. And they are adding in more padding as well.

 We will try to combine up to TWO orders, NO more, sorry about that. BUT!! -you must use the same name and or email via PayPal and no guarantee if we miss it. Many times people use many different names and emails and I have always done my best to remember who they all belong to, but that is no longer possible.

If we combine you orders we will refund the extra shipping charged.

And a big sorry, for no baby doll head candles at this time, but they are coming soon! I am too worried they will hold up the TAT, and I also I could and can not make enough to go around and you know what mom always says.....:)

And the shipping rate has been tweaked to add another option and one other has been lowed.

Ok- thank you all so much!! and good luck to all!

Blessings ~ Moona

Fullfillment Company News~ October 04 2013

Hello, all Halloween orders from this site up to date have been shipped and should arrive by Saturday -October 5th , unless you are in a really rural area then- Monday I would think.

I hope the speediness of the company makes up for any missing aesthetic. We did try to pre-package the items extra cute in efforts to even it out a bit.

We did have a few issues we had to work out , but once they were, the fulfillment company packed and shipped 90% of the orders with in five hours! Made my head spin~!

I am anxious to hear how the orders arrive. We will be listing new items very soon.

And any feedback would be welcome.

Thank you!~ Moona

Welcome! September 08 2013

The day is finally here! Welcome to the new on-line store! Integrated with our new fulfillment company to serve you better!

Tonight is the first run- we are excited and nervous at the same time!

Thank you all for your support through out all of these years together,  and welcome to any new comers!

And remember if something sells out , we will have more runs :)

I wish you all good luck !

Blessings~ Moona