Welcome to our LTEC/Spring Collection! New orders will be shipped in 6-8 weeks.

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Here comes ready to ship!

Hey guys! Spring is in the air, and we are rolling out ready to ship items to our catalog! Stay tuned for more info, and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to get the latest on when our ready to ship items will be available. Blessings ~ The Moo Cru

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Winter Collection 2016

Hey Guys! It has been awhile! We have been moving right along on production of products, but we are delayed I am afraid! Our main printer we use to make all 90% of our labels with had to go in for maintenance, and it was expected this past Monday, but it still not back yet! They assure us it will be this coming Tuesday, which we had planned for our drop off of items to the company! We apologize for this unexpected delay, and will be labeling thoughtfully but frantically once it gets here to get your orders out to you asap. The shipping company has been primed and ready, and also eagerly awaiting our items for shipping out, so...

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The Veil grows thinner.........

The veil grows thinner as we approach that special time of year, and Moona and her devious crew have already begun to cast their spells and brew their potions for you, in time for this special time of year! When the veil between our world of the living, and those who have crossed over, grows oh so thin............. Prepare yourself with enchanting scents to arouse your imagination and put you in that perfectly spooktacular mood! Enjoy your stay here at MoonaLisa ~ A Supernatural Clean ™ , but please check your back upon leaving, for any hitchhiking ghosts when you exit......      

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Second Summer Mini Sale ready for shipping!

This was our second mini summer sale with the Rock-a-Billy and Sci-fi scents included. Our fulfillment company should be getting started on the shipping out of them today. Pam who usually sends you your shipping info is on leave, and Ed, one of the owners of the shipping company, will be taking her place. So be on the look out for your CNS! It usually takes about a full week for them to finish once they get started, sometimes a little more. I would think we will be on the more end of it, with Pam on leave. But regardless , you should see your order very soon! Next release will be coming up in early August. It will be...

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Halloween Collection Update!

I posted repeatedly on FB, but thought I should also post here for the non FB folks. The Halloween collection was dropped off at the fulfillment company on time, and they have been shipping since yesterday, so yea!! We are very happy to say the least! I am not sure how long it will take for them to complete the shipping of all the orders, but they have never taken longer then five business days in the past. So thank you all so very much!!!  We wish you all a safe and Joyous Halloween!!   And details to follow soon on the merge between the International site and this domestic one. Blessings~ The Moo Cru

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