Welcome to our LTEC/Spring Collection! New orders will be shipped in 6-8 weeks.

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Spring orders update~

Jello! ~ Update! For domestic orders we are still on schedule to drop off a the fulfillment company this Friday the 11th. They have us scheduled to start shipping out on Tuesday, and expect to take about three days to complete. A little longer this time around because of it being a larger collection. And boy howdy do we feel that! And why so quiet on our end. We have been working our tails off and will continue to do so until drop off time.  Thank you!~ The Moo Cru

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Abundant Spring Collection

Welcome to MoonaLisa's on-line store! This shop is for domestic orders only, if you do NOT reside in the USA, please visit us at: www.moointernational.com. Currant TAT ( turn around time) is approximately twenty business days. Shop will be restocked March 12th at 6 :30 pm PDT,  with the new spring listings and again this coming Saturday March 15th at 10:00 a.m. PDT for Domestic sales. International sale will be on the international site in about a week from now. Lots of soap! And soapy goodness treats .................New & vintage Spring scents return!! Adding soon, more earthy, more herbal and more fresh green scents coming your way! Also adding florals, and tantalizing Tropical scents , all coming soon! We were...

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February 9th and on order update!

All orders placed February 9th- to present are being shipped by our fulfillment company this round. We are dropping the products off early next week, and they have us scheduled to start and complete all orders by the end of March 7th!Be sure to look inside your box for your freebie gift bag, ten lucky winners will receive free gift vouchers for product to be used on this site ranging from 5.00 to 50.00!More details next week! Thank you and good luck everyone!Blessings~ Moona

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Yule/Holiday Shipping update

Word from the fulfillment company is they are working all weekend, and will have almost all Domestic Yule orders shipped by this coming  Monday evening ( December 14th)  and the rest are estimated to be completed at the latest Tuesday evening. So yea! :)

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Yule / Holiday Shipping update ~

We have dropped off more then half of the products to the fulfillment company last week for inventory stocking, and we will be dropping off the rest of it this week. We are still right on schedule for the fulfillment company to start shipping the domestic orders this coming Friday the 13th!!~ Woohoo! The fulfillment company will most likely take only a few days to complete the shipping of the domestic Yule/ Holiday orders,. After that , its a serendipitous program planned for awhile, for your shopping pleasure. Ok,  that is all for now~ Moona

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